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Eating fast food is always a regrettable decision. My salt-craving taste buds say yes, but my stomach says fuck you.

When we adopted Ben, he had a charcoal colored smudge on his forehead (it’s still there). The vet tech asked him if he had been hiding under a car, or if he’s catholic. #cat


Two male lions in the morning sun. 


If you have a glass table and you dump a jar of spaghetti sauce on it, then smear it all around with your hand, that’s a pretty accurate depiction of my lifelong sleep habits.

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Good morning, sunshine. 🌞


Tegan messes up the lyrics to ICBYF so she hides behind Sara (x)


Tegan messes up the lyrics to ICBYF so she hides behind Sara (x)

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the sound of teenage girls laughing near you when you’re by yourself is literally the most terrifying thing a person can experience

I think large groups of teenage/young adult boys in parking lots when you’re by yourself are a lot scarier than teenage girls. 

God, did I ever write about this one time earlier this year, I went to Panera one evening and there was a loud group of guys spread out in the parking lot? I just wanted to get some macaroni and cheese to go, and I had to walk past all these guys who were revving their engines and yelling. On my way back out, I heard one guy yell “let’s race this one!” And I thought, good lord I hope they’re not talking about me. Don’t race me, don’t chase me, don’t interact with me. I was a small person, by myself, driving a maybe-kind-of-conspicuous car. And it was getting dark. I just wanted my macaroni and cheese. 

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We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves is such a great road read.

A DOG EARER. As I clutch my heart and faint.

My favorite thing to use as bookmarks are the receipts for the books, especially when the book I’m reading is the only thing on the receipt. A close second place for bookmarks are old hotel key cards.

The overview of that book sounds really interesting.

Glad he doesn’t hate me for taking him to the vet. We got home and he sprawled out in my lap for half an hour. #cat

Ben had his vet appointment today. He was sneezing a bit on Sunday at the shelter. Yesterday his eye started getting runny, and he felt warm. Today it was confirmed he has a fever, upper respiratory infection, and a yeast infection in his ears. Poor baby. He got some subcutaneous fluids. He also needs to put on some weight. He’s <7lbs. He’s a good eater, though. He was squirmy at the vet. The tech said he’s going to be a spitfire when he’s all healthy. #cat


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There are so many parts of this video that make me laugh until I can’t breathe.