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I would like at least one gallon of Estee Lauder Modern Muse perfume, please. It smells like being wrapped up in a soft blanket. 


friendly reminder that “tegan and sara” anagrams to “satan and rage” coincidence i think not

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Kundenpojekt: Einrichtung eines Aquariums mit 1200L. Das Foto wurde am nächten Morgen gemacht. Das Wasser hatte noch eine ganz leichte Trübung. (28.09.2014)


me during the whole month of october 

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Sometimes I think of my cats as model years. Like my oldest cat, Shadow, she’s a 1998 model. I’ve got a couple of 2004 models. Then I’ve got, I think, a 2009 luxury and a 2011 sport. 

I’m weird. 

This is what they were building cats like back in 1998. 

Prickly’s feisty and I’m not getting much done tonight. #cat

Ignore your responsibilities and throw #cat toys at the youngest. I’m laughing so much at how it bounces off of him, there are tears in my eyes.



That has a fish that once you make eye contact, they immediately start looking for food?

I literally need to cover Morph’s tank, it gets so bad

the boys in my divided 10 do this. I don’t even have to make eye contact. THose little shits see me move at ALL they’re both up front begging for food and dance and wiggle till I come over to the tank.

My clownfish does this when I walk up to the tank. She’s a hog. But I don’t fall for it, lest I get algae problems. She’s also a camera hog when she sees the lens up to the tank. 



Here is the 4ft tank after i re-scaped it! the fish seem to be far more active and i think its far easier on the eye too :)

theblondeaquarist, here’s some inspiration if you need it! 

Love it. 

Are people really still interested in the straight white cis romance set in the city story line? How many times can we eat the same story?

Big sweaters and long necklaces are one of Sara’s best looks. 

Big sweaters and long necklaces are one of Sara’s best looks. 

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