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Electric Feel - MGMT

Wait a minute, mothballwombat and primaryconsumer, isn’t this song in your music library? I know it’s not in mine, and I’m not super familiar with MGMT. But this song is giving me funny nostalgia. Like the three of us are all driving somewhere and Sam’s playing DJ in the front passenger seat. 

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One time, maybe last year or a couple years ago, I was visiting my best friends and we were having a conversation that could basically be summed up with: what do non-artsy/crafty people do when they hang out together? 

When I am with my friends, we are usually making things. If we’re not making things, we’re probably either sleeping or we’re at Chipotle. Sleeping immediately after eating at Chipotle. 

Oh! Today’s the 16th! That means I meet Tegan and Sara in exactly one month. 

I had a funny idea for a thing to draw and I haven’t drawn it yet. I should get on that. 



I scrolled away from this after watching it and snickering to myself, and then I drifted back towards it…

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I knew I recognized Mae Whitman’s lil baby face in Suburgatory tonight.

Poor Meatball had her dental appointment yesterday. She was the last of the four, and it seems like she took it the hardest. Sorry, Meatball! She’s not even the oldest, and didn’t get the most teeth out. (She’s ten and she had five teeth out. The vet said the other cats didn’t really need sutures, but Meatball did.)

She also happened to have a cyst on her back? So she’s got a 1” x 2” bald spot on her back with a few little stitches. No one really wants to see pictures of that.

I put a video on Instagram not too long ago of Meatball crying at me for her dinner. She normally talks non-stop. I haven’t heard her say a single word since I brought her back home yesterday evening :( She’s been purring, though. And at the moment, she is snoring.

Is it possible to complete several tasks without sitting down and interneting between each task? I don’t think it is. 

I am thankful for mirror neurons.

My hair looks better after I’ve slept on it than it did when I went to sleep last night. It got a little wavy yesterday from the rain, and now it’s all straightened and smoothed out, but not flat. Not a hair out of place. My hair is magical.

Is it just me, or does packing a suitcase mean carefully picking out which tops you want to take, and then throwing together whatever bottoms, underwear, socks, pajamas, etc. together? 

It’s the tops that matter. 


so i JUST figured out that you can find other versions of 2048 that people have made by just typing in ‘____-edition-#’

so here’s all the ones i’ve found through that and through tumblr if you’re like me and can’t stop playing this stupid fucking game

Sara Quin - GIFs

Sara Quin - mostly Heartthrob era

Evolution of Sara Quin

Tegan Quin - mostly The Con era

Quin Twin - GIFs

Tegan and Sara - mix of eras, mostly from The Con onwards

Tegan and Sara Records

Tegan and Sara Selfies

only the last one is mine, the rest are made by others! and let me know if you know of others i can add!

Jesus. I clicked on a gif one and instantly thought, oh this is going to make it ten times harder. But I ended up getting a score comparable to other scores I’ve gotten on the records one. The benefit of the records one is that you know what order they go in, which could aid in strategizing. 

Take this away from me. 

edit: it works on mobile, o no. 

What I want more than anything right now is to lounge outside in the dark and stare up at the sky, listening to nighttime bug chirps and breathing that crisp night air with my friends around me. 



Portable Robot Printer Is Like A Roomba That Squirts Ink

it’s so cute i want an army of them

Ughhh think of how useful this would have been in college. 

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Silly, silly people. 

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LOL that hashtag. 

What does that suggestion even mean, though? Why would a someone tell a stranger they should rush to get married? 

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